'A gay, liberal, socialist who usually prefers playing women'  
 - The Guardian 

'Jay expertly surfs a wave of distain for political correctness ([they] have a confident and sometimes brutal adlibbing ability' 
- The Scotsman
(c) Ash Tulett


Simon Jay is a self-described genderfucked performance artist/satirist.


In 2015 they wrote Bastardography, a memoir about growing up gay, mentally ill and insatiably creative. It went to No.1 in the Amazon UK Bestseller Charts and was adapted into a solo-show.

They have also done some tarty scripts and plays. Their 2016 show Trumpageddon enjoyed two consecutive sell-out runs at Edinburgh, toured the U.K and Australia. 


Simon likes to make a nuisance of themselves in various mediums. Their visual artwork is available here. They are currently writing a book called The New Satire, which will be published by Unbound and developing their first stand-up show Gender Neutral Fuckwit.


As Performer

As Writer 

As Artist

'Wickedly steals the show with a torrent of cruel putdowns, libidinous asides & Valium drenched double-takes.'
          - The Stage                                                                                                            

                     SHOWS AVAILABLE TO TOUR/BOOK 

For all booking and hire enquiries or to obtain a rate list please message at: contact@simonjay.co.uk 

‘Give your hope and soul a much-needed make-over – just go, alright!’ - Edinburgh Reporter ****

Written and Performed by Simon Jay. Co-written with Ben Nardone. Directed by Natalie Lyon 

John Lewis is a computer scientist, father of four, social liberal, atheist, and not a retail store. John Lewis is also a chain of high-end UK department stores. Unfortunately for both John Lewis (no relation), the Twitter handle @johnlewis belongs to the former. This new show explores the Twittersphere’s enduring confusion between the two, and how one man from Virginia, USA calmly handles daily complaints about too-high prices and belated deliveries.

'A remarkable satiric performance' - British Theatre Guide

The two Time Edinburgh Fringe sell-out (2016 & 2017) show, has also toured the U.K and gone to the Adelaide Fringe. It is now available in a stripped-back, updated version for 2018/19.

Soon to be ex-president Trump is on the run from the White-House. Will he be hiding out at your local theatre? This impromptu rally will give you the full Donald experience. You'll get to ask him questions, play golf and take part in his downfall. This absurdist satire is as demented, hysterical and disturbed as the man himself. 'Provokes fits of laughter and furious debate' **** (List). 'Intimate political rally where the audience can fire questions, play golf and even help Trump to decide on policy' (Guardian).

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