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Simon Jay is a self-described genderfucked performance artist/satirist. 


He made his debut on Radio5Live in 2010 as part of a panel who won a writing competition to describe what they look for in a member of parliament. He wrote 'A human being'. He got to put questions to Caroline Lucas, Quentin Letts and distract Victoria Derbyshire by writing weird phrases over her notes. This insatiable desire to hold a mirror up to politcs and current affairs has continued unabaited ever since.


In 2015 he wrote Bastardography, a memoir about growing up gay, mentally ill and insatiably creative. It went to No.1 in the Amazon UK Bestseller Charts and was adapted into a solo-show. He has also done some tarty scripts and plays. His 2016 show Trumpageddon enjoyed two consecutive sell-out runs at Edinburgh and is currently on tour in the U.K. 



Simon likes to make a nuisance of himself in various mediums. He is currently working on creating an 'anti-national portrait gallery'; portraits of people who reject nationalism and white supremecy. 


'A gay, liberal, socialist who usually prefers playing women'  - The Guardian 

'Jay expertly surfs a wave of distain for political correctness ([He] has a confident and sometimes brutal adlibbing ability' - The Scotsman
'Wickedly steals the show with a torrent of cruel putdowns, libidinous asides & Valium drenched double-takes.' - The Stage                                                                                                            


From the age of 5 Simon saw reality as optional, and an option he didn't particularly like! Fraught with panic attacks, anxiety and bouts of depression he was a conflicted tot, throw in being gay on a rough council-estate and a love of art you begin to see why someone would want to check out. But he didn't and after 20 years, numerous breakdowns, Simon was diagnosed and began his recovery. You can either read Simon's story on e-book, buy the paperback or recording of the show (on patreon). He is also available to perform the show for your LGBT+ society, school or college.


contact@simonjay.co.uk for booking enquries. 




An Edinburgh sell-out two years running. Trumpageddon follows the now 45th President Donald Trump as he comes to terms with unlimited power and influence. This immersive show is a unique chance to get as close to Trump as you'd ever want to. 


‘Remarkable satiric performance.’
**** British Theatre Guide

‘Provokes both fits of laughter and furious debate.’
**** The List 


Trumpageddon is represented by Seabright Productions. For touring enquiries contact: james@seabrightproductions.com



Cabinet 31 


Listen Now 


JRF and myself sit down and re-watch our old favourite childhood films whilst munching on mini sausage-rolls and glugging shlur.


Through the mists of carbohydrates we deconstruct why these films spoke to our burgeoning queer sensibilities. 


Our first episode is 'Return to Oz' listen now! 


Anti-National Portrait Gallery



It's 2018, Nationalism is on the rise in Europe and the U.S. Why has an idea that led to the biggest organised slaughter of the 20th Century (WWII) become legitimised in a seemingly more enlightened age?


This exhibition of mixed-media portraits features people who reject, fight against or create alternatives to Nationalism. Exploring the idea that Nationalism is an archaic idea peddled by an unimaginative few rather than the rallying cry of the many.




New Found Glory




In 1950's Britain men met each other for sex in public toilets because there was nowhere else one could meet. The secrecy of meeting in toilets was also due to its illegality. Fast-forward to 2017. Why would any young man who likes to have sex with other guys, would want to in a public toilet? Is it a kink? Convenience (no pun intended) or some kind of salute to our gay forefathers. 


This new monologue will explore the cottaging phenomenon in modern britain, which is still alive and kicking. 





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