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Since graduating from Bournemouth University in 2011 with a degree in Scriptwriting for Film and Television, Simon Jay has written extensively for both as well as Radio, Print/Online Journalism and theatre.


His published memoir, Bastardography (about mental health, creativity and being gay), reached NO.1 on the LGBT Amazon UK Bestseller list as an e-book, and has been released in paperback, available from Waterstones, Gay's The Word and other reputable bookshops.


Simon often travels the U.K to give readings of the book at Universities, LGBT groups and theatres. From a customer review:


'I'm a therapist, this is a great book to suggest clients read, it's beautifully written, with a real feel to it, because it is, it's easy to read, especially when I think how emotional some parts are. This is a timeless book that I highly recommend!'


Simon is currently working on a follow-up book about satire. As a freelance journalist, he has written for Theatre & Performance Magazine since 2013, contributing regular reviews, features and interviews. Simon cites his interview with Tori Amos ahead of the release of her album, The Light Princess, as a particular highlight. He also covered the London LGBT Film Festival 'Flare' through the magazine. 


With Scott Payne (Hollyoaks, Rocket's Island, The Lodge) Simon co-wrote and starred in Is He A Bit Simon Jay?, a one-man show which toured the U.K, including the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014. He has also written short plays for Carabosse Theatre Company, who mounted a lavish production of Gormenghast with the approval Mervyn Peake's Estate. Among his dark plays for adults, Simon wrote 403 Forbidden (White Bear Theatre). He has also written comedies, such as Culture Bucket, and plays for children, such as Owl and Puss (Raunds Music Festival). Trumpageddon, was a sell-out at the 2016 & 2017 Edinburgh fringe, so far amassing14 four-star reviews, and a range of national and international coverage. 

"Jay's 2015 screenplay Heaven's to Betsy set a lesbian cinderella story in a Streatham Hair Salon and starred Lorraine Chase." 



@JohnLewis: Never Knowingly Undertweeted                                                          2018    

Threnody for Michael Field                                   Carabosse Theatre Co.                    2017      

 Trumpageddon                                                    Seabrights                                             2016 - 2018

Owl & Puss                                                         Raunds Music Festival                   2016

Blandiman                                                         Carabosse Theatre Co.                   2016 

Homemade Princess                                           Goblin Baby                                  2015

'T'                                                                     Freedom To Be                                       2014

Four Walls                                                         Carabosse Theatre Co.                   2014

America's Youngest Activist                                Scrawny Cat                                  2014

Must Sunday Come at All                                   Drayton Arms                                2013

Bag                                                                 Carabosse Theatre Co.                            2013

Anti-Chug                                                        Bermonsey Street Festival               2011

403 Forbidden                                                  White Bear Theatre                               2011    

 Is He A Bit Simon Jay?                                      Various                                             2011 




Heaven's To Betsy                                            Looking at you Productions              2015

The Bell Chimes Midnight                                  BIRST F.M                                      2011




  Rochdale Herald                                               Ed. George Elliott                          2017 - 

 Theatre and Performance Magazine                    Ed. Michael Darton                         2013 -      

   Meat                                                           Ed. Adrian Lourie                          2013




Bastardography                                                Zitebooks                                     2015 






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