Appears in: 'Trumpageddon'

With an eye for the ladies, real-estate and Russian corruption, the 45th President is a laugh riot, and causes riots too! 

Marine Le Pen

Appears in: 'Youtube Videos'

The fun-loving Front National leader loves a song and dance. 

Theresa May

Will appear in: 'Theresa May: Serial Killer'

Hanging onto the premiereship by teh tips of her kitten heels, May can barely function, talk or walk in a straight line. 


Appeared in: 'Twonkey's Drive-in: Jennifer's Robot Arm' 

A loving northen mother and abuser of many. 

Mr Rudgelson

Appeared in: 'Enculturation' 

A dangerous dandy who perambulates the land in search of conversation with athletic rosey-cheeked men.

Dr. Strepsils

Appeared in: 'Is He A Bit Simon Jay?' 

A new-age physician with an unhealthy egg-metaphor obsession.

Pecan Plaits

Will appear in: 'Pecan Plaits: Lust in Space' 

A Futuristic Drag-Whore who will drag your pants back down... to Earth. 

Nurse Gorringe

Yet to appear in anything.

A time-travelling monster in human form. 

Arthur Benny

Appeared in: 'Enculturation'

Problem solver and a people person. Strong background in both management and entrepreneurship.

Malaria Trump

Appears in: 'Trumpageddon'

The rabid wife-creature of the President. 

Dr. Richard Wise

Appeared in: Is He A Bit Simon Jay?' 

Performs autopsies for the general public, strictly professional, and not for profit. Has failed to get on Strictly Come Dancing 10 years in a row. 

Widow Wankey

Appeared in: 'Cause Celebre: An Anti-Panto' 

A Northern Geisha from a fantasy land that doesn't recognise cultural appropriation. 

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