Simon Jay's take on his experience of homophobic bullying and severe mental health issues may not sound like an easy read, but it shows how humour, humility and a little zen can get you through, although it's not without its harrowing moments. You might ask yourself how you would have dealt with even half of what heads the way of our esteemed author in the first twenty-five years of his life. It shows you that you can be born in a potty and still end up on the west-end stage, albeit in a pub under the Phoenix Theatre.

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It's marvellous! It's like a two-train head-on collision conducted by Mozart. Deprecating in a stylish and sophisticated way, with plenty of witty verbal brain candy to boot. An absolute joy to read!'


'The world can punch you in the face and hurl abuse at you but if you keep creating then you'll have the last laugh. Written by another this story could have been a little too sombre but even in the darkest moments, Simon has a witty comment to say about the weird and wonderful characters he's met along the way of his eventful life so far. Most importantly, for anyone suffering with mental this provides an extremely uplifting story of how you can succeed in spite of it, creative art and find love. Hilarious, insightful and heartwarming.'


'Hilariously funny, emotional, hopeful, and a book we can all take something from...

As someone who came out as gay in an all-boys school following the wake of section 28, I could initially relate to the experiences described in Bastardography. This was a time when children were becoming increasingly open about their sexuality, yet there was very little support offered at school to manage the repercussions. This was only just over a decade ago. Simon’s account of his experience of bullying is honest, and through the way he writes, the reader can really get a sense of what it was like. The addition of Simon’s witty and quirky sense of humour sets you on an emotional rollercoaster as you progress through his life. Simon’s autobiography encompasses more than just his experiences of bullying. It also tackles the journey of self acceptance which continually evolves from coming to terms with ones sexuality, living with mental illness, and dealing with the existential crisis that life forces upon us all. Ultimately, you get an uplifting sense of survival, personal growth and self actualization. I would recommend this book to anyone who has had a similar experience, mental health or educational professional, or anyone who wants to know more about life.'

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