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Jennifer’s Robot Arm                           Sweet Venues, Edinburgh Fringe      2015 - 2016


Universally Speaking                           Bread & Roses Theatre, London       2015


Romeo & Juliet: A Plunderphonica    Bread & Roses Theatre, London         2014


The LGBTQIA+ Monologues         Freedom To Be Festival, London            April 2014


Must Sunday Come at All             Drayton Theatre, London                         Dec 2013


Black History Month                      Shelley Theatre, Bournemouth                Oct 2013


A Night Against Putin                     Black Cap, Camden                                Oct 2013


Sniper                                             Vita Nova, Boscombe                            Sept 2013


Queer Macbeth                              Black Cap, Camden                                July 2013


Ecuadorian Grey                            White Bear Theatre, Kennington             May 2013


The Tempest                                  White Bear Theatre, Kennington              Jan 2012


The Bet                                           The Lost Theatre, Stockwell                    Aug 2011


Culture Bucket                               Edinburgh Fringe                                      Aug 2011


Consenting Adults                         White Bear Theatre, Kennington             June 2011


The Vagina Monologues                Allesbrooke Theatre, Bournemouth         Feb 2011


Hamlet                                           Winchester Arts, Bournemouth                 Nov, 2010


Cause Celebre: An Anti-Panto       Lighthouse, Poole Centre for Arts         March 2010






Trumpageddon                           Jaybird Productions            2016

Blandiman                                   Carabosse Theatre Co.        2016

HomeMade Princess                 Goblin Baby Theatre co.     2015

'T'                                                   Freedom To Be Festival     2014

Four Walls                                   Carabosse Theatre Co.       2014

America's Youngest Activist    Scrawny Cat Theatre Co.   2013

Must Sunday Come at All        All Wrapped Up - Drayton Theatre 2013

Bag                                               Scrawny Cat/Carabosse Theatre Co. 2013

Anti-Chug                                   Bermondsey Street Festival  2011

403 Forbidden                          White Bear Theatre, Kennington  2011




Is He A Bit Simon Jay?  (With Scott Payne)   Edinburgh Fringe/U.K Tour      2011 - 2014




Heavens To Betsy              Looking at You  Productions 2015


Bell Chimes Midnight       97.3 FM Radio                         2011




Theatre Performance Guru and Guide      








*2016 - 'Trumpageddon', JayBird Productions, Sweet Venues/King's Head Theatre, 'Donald Trump'

*2015/2016 – ‘Jennifer’s Robot Arm’, Twonkey’s Drive-In, Bread & Roses/Sweet Venues, ‘The Inventor/'PAM'

*2014 – ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’, Dramatic Prod, Lighthouse, ‘Jack Worthing’

*2013 – ‘Once Upon A Star’, (Short Feature) Dir. Alice Nicol, ‘Angel’.
*2013 – ‘Queer Macbeth’, Charity Terrance Higgins Trust Production, ‘Lady Macbeth’

*2013 – ‘CB Romance Research and Development’, National Theatre of Wales; ‘Various’

*2012 – Present – ‘Is He A Bit Simon Jay?’, (Theatre), The Etc. Theatre; ‘Various’

*2012 – ‘Jab Tak Jai Jan’, (Feature Film), ‘Busker’

*2012 – ‘The Pageant Of Barbarity’, Hand In Hand Theatre; ‘Roger Barclay’ *

2011 – ‘You Me Bum Bum Train’, Arcade Proprieter
*2011 – ‘Anti-Chug’ (Performance Artist), Bermondsey St. Festival: ‘Anti-Chugger’

*2011 – ‘Culture Bucket’ (Theatre), Edinburgh Free Fringe: ‘Sam’
*2011 – ‘Consenting Adults’ (Theatre), White Bear Theatre: ‘Algernon/Demon’

*2011 – ‘The Butler’ (Short Feature), Masters Production: ‘Gary’
*2011 – ‘The Bell Chimes Midnight’ (Radio), Nerve FM: ‘David Lloyd George’

*2010 – ‘Hamlet’ (Theatre), Stagepunk Productions: ‘Hamlet’
*2010 – ‘Cause Celebre: An Antipanto’ (Theatre), Poole Arts: ‘Widow Twanky’

*2009 – ‘Enculturation’ (BUTV), Nerve Media: ‘Arthur Benny/Various’
*2008 – ‘The Waiter’ (Performance Art), South Thames College: ‘The Waiter’ 

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