Trumpageddon was a sell-out hit at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe, it subsequently transferred to The King's Head  
          Theatre in October and will return in 2017 with a sequel currently subtitled 'From Russia With Love'. 
'Trumpageddon invites its audience to an intimate political rally where they can fire questions at the Republican nominee, play golf with him and even help him decide on policy – which country he would invade first, for example.'
                                                      -  The Guardian 
'Jay expertly surfs a wave of disdain for political correctness which allows him to flirt with and insult his audience (his demand for questions reveals a confident and sometimes brutal ad-libbing ability) while perfectly chiming with the tone of Trump’s character and campaign.'
                                                       -   The Scotsman 

 Jay has looked carefully at both Trump’s physical and verbal ticks to produce an all too convincing caricature – a human form of a Spittin’ Image puppet. one of the scariest shows at this year's fringe.


                                                      -   NE Theatre Guide 


'This is a remarkable satiric performance and Jay doesn’t let us forget the dangers of regarding Trump as a mere entertaining bully. We are reminded of his racism towards Muslims and Mexicans, his crude, narrow, even predatory attitude to women and of course his complete ignorance about almost any issue.'


                                                    - British Theatre Guide 


Though the show can be quite confrontational at times, with Trump demanding questions from members of the audience, there is no doubting the humour and wit of the piece, which rolls along at breakneck speed from beginning to end.


                                                      -  The List

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